Attention La Crosse! We are looking for 10 women who are looking to finally put themselves first, ditch quick fixes and make a true, sustainable long term change in their health and fitness.
Announcing “Lifestyle Reset” 
6-Week Transformation Challenge
Have you heard of Keeping It Super Simple? You know, K.I.S.S.?

Then why don't we do the same with your health and fitness? There's so many different solutions floating around, how do you know what works for you?

That's where we come in. We did the research. We know what works and we do what works and you get experience clarity and happiness through our brand new Lifestyle Reset.

Even better, we do it by keeping things simple. Because getting to where you want to be doesn't have to be that complicated.

We are exactly the place for you.
"Lifestyle Reset" Transformation Challenge Starts September 16th!
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What Are The Details?
Here’s How Our PROVEN system of Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability
Nutrition Protocols Tested By Science and By Real People - 
No Gimmicks
Metabolic Burning Fat Loss Protocols Tested By Science and Real People
Proactive Accountability Techniques and Community Building
All of our workouts are done with certified personal trainers. With your coaches at your side you will never feel lost in the crowd or wonder if you are doing an exercise correctly and safely. You also don’t have to worry about being a beginner. The coaches are ready to meet you where you are!

Our meal plan and nutritional coaching will help you learn how to eat well and fuel your body. No starvation or crash diets! No weird shakes or other gimmicks! Our nutrition coaches, each with four year degrees in nutrition and high level certifications, will make sure you never feel lost when it comes to eating right. You will get a ton of delicious recipes so you don’t get stuck eating the same old boring stuff

In addition to the camaraderie you’ll have with your fellow participants, your accountability coach will always be there to keep you on track. Life gets busy, you have a million competing priorities. We have the accountability systems to make sure you still make the time to take care of yourself and live the happy, healthy lifestyle you deserve.

The takeaway here is that you need a PLAN for success. We always say, while it isnt "rocket science" per se, it is far more complicated than the average person or ineffective fitness interventions would have you believe. Our New Year New You Blueprint is a complete plan that’s been scientifically-proven to work for literally hundreds of clients.  
"Lifestyle Reset" Transformation Challenge Starts September 16th!
Unity Fitness Success Stories
What Are The Details?
This One of a Kind Program Includes:
- 3 Personal Training sessions per week with your very own 
CUSTOM WRITTEN PROGRAM (our secret weapon!)

- 3 Additional Team Training sessions per week totaling 6 days a week

- Customized meal plan individualized to you

- Accountability coach keeping you on track throughout the challenge

- Weekly goal setting meetings
What Sets Us Apart From the Crowd?
Unity Fitness is the ONLY Gym in La Cross that :
- Has Professionally Certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach 

- Has been Featured in the IDEA Fitness Journal 

- Is Home to La Crosse's Golf Fitness Specialist 

- Works with La Crosse's NFL Play 60 Program

- Consults with Results Fitness, a 3x Top 10 Gym in the U.S. (According to Men's Health) through their Results Fitness University Coaching Group 

- Assigns a Coach to Every Member in the Gym 

- Is Home to 2016's Nominee for Best Personal Trainer and Rising Star Under 40 (Jordan Rudolph)!
"Lifestyle Reset" Transformation Challenge Starts September 16th!
Unity Fitness Success Stories
Who Has The Most Success With Our Programs?
See If Any Of These Apply To You...
Who This is NOT For:
- Those looking for a cheap fad diet or quick fix 

- Those who want to quit on themselves

- Those who want to keep making the same excuses

- Those who are unwilling to learn
Who This is For:
- If you have tried but failed in the past 

- If you are ready to treat yourself like you are someone worth caring about, not an afterthought

- If you are serious about making positive changes

- If you value your health and appreciate the long term costs of living an unhealthy lifestyle
"Lifestyle Reset" Transformation Challenge Starts September 16th!
Unity Fitness Success Stories
Frequently Asked Questions
Unity Fitness
2418 South Avenue
La Crosse, WI 
(608) 788-0441
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
This is something we pride ourselves the most on. Some programs and some facilities you do indeed have to have a level of physical fitness or "in shape" to participate in whether they tell you or not. But everything we do here is 100% individualized to the specific person and any and all modifications, adaptations etc are made.
Does it include a nutrition plan, too?
Yes, it is part of the program and a pivotal part of the program. Nutrition plans will be individualized to each participant.
Is this like that "free" 6 week challenge?
Absolutely not. We do not like bait and switch sales tactics that tell you it is free but when you show up it then "costs money but could be free if..." Also, the reality is we simply cannot do what we do at the level and quality at which we do it if it were actually free. Jim Rohn said, "You could either be the cheapest or the best. You cant be both." We choose to be the best, but guarantee it will be the best investment you can make in yourself.
What if I have failed before?
Then we are ready for you! Most of our clients tried and failed at many other attempts to get in shape before they came to us. We are a different kind of gym. We opened because we felt that many gyms, diets, fads, and gimmicks were letting good people down. We are here to be YOUR experts in fitness, nutrition, and accountability. We are ready to show you what you can do!
"Lifestyle Reset" Transformation Challenge Starts September 16th!
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