Episode 38 - How Training for a Body Composition Goal is Like Playing a Sport
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Highlights of the Episode
0:00 – What’s happening at Unity Fitness

2:39 – How body composition goals can be compared to playing a sport

3:32 – Viewing your goal as a sport, in terms of a professional athlete

7:01 – Mindset shift of the way you train for body composition goals (fat loss, lean muscle building, etc.)

9:56 – The science behind training for one goal all year long

10:37 – Now we’ll use that same analogy and compare it to an athlete playing one single sport all year-round without a break 

13:28 – LeBron James spends over $1,000,000/year on his body for recovery and performance

14:58 –  If you have a body composition goal, here’s how to plan your year out

16:10 – Instead of getting headstrong, learn how to take a step back and look at your body and your journey

17:23 – To burn fat over the long-term you must be consistent and continuously adapt

18:16 – The old-school mentality of fat loss is everywhere, but fat loss doesn’t have to be completely miserable
--> let’s focus on small changes and being open to change

19:08 – Back to the burnt-out athlete mentality

19:47 – The beauty and unique part of Unity Fitness and how we take care of you

21:33 – Mixing it up and adding new variables with nutrition

22:25 – Thinking of a body composition goal as a spectrum of fat loss and muscle building

25:16 – Your nutrition can also be thought of like a sport

25:50 – "You can’t keep burning yourself with caloric deficits and trying a new diet every single day where you don’t give your one diet time to adjust to it.” – Coach Jordan

27:03 – Final nuggets of knowledge for training for body composition goals
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