Episode 36 - The Trap of Social Media on Fitness and More on the Power of Community
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Highlights of the Episode
0:00 – What’s happening at Unity

3:11 – The evolution (and trap) of social media on fitness

4:36 – It’s hard to find the “experts” on social media

7:58 – The “cool” stuff you see on social media may not be for you

9:44 – The danger and the good from learning how to use equipment through social media platforms (kettlebell swing example and a Strongfirst reference)

14:17 – How to find experts on social media platforms

14:45 – Using social media to help influence more power in a community

15:15 – What social media can NOT replicate or do for those looking to truly take themselves to the next level

16:02 – Why we invested thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and more to learn about kettlebells rather than just watching social media

17:53 – There’s more power with being involved with a community and investing in yourself rather than spending more time on social media

19:20 – How all this relates to selecting a gym for you

20:40 – Recap of today’s episode and more on the Strongfirst SFG L1 experience

23:35 – What’s coming up on the podcast
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