Episode 35 - The Power and Influence of a Community Towards Your Health and Fitness
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Highlights of the Episode
0:00 – What’s happening at Unity Fitness

2:07 – The power and influence that a community can have (positively and negatively) on you

3:50 – “Lead by involving others” is how we build community at Unity Fitness

4:25 – No matter your goal, a community matters!

4:49 – A community allows you to be a part of something bigger

6:00 – The community’s backbone is its mission and core values

6:51 – Feeling the energy/vibe of a gym and its community

8:32 – How the evolution of CrossFit helped form the Unity Fitness community

10:58 – Joining a community like the Strongfirst community and what it means to Jordan

14:39 – What a community can do for a new person joining a gym

16:14 – The value of relationships within the community and your results

17:29 – How the community at Unity Fitness was “accidentally” created

19:08 – An introvert’s perspective: Why joining a community vs doing it yourself matters for your results

22:02 – More on the Unity Fitness community and what makes it so incredibly unique

23:13 – A recap on the power of a community

24:57 – “I’ve been to 10 gyms since leaving Unity Fitness and I can’t find one like it.” – Former Members of Unity who have moved away

25:20 – Our members (and values) make our community
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