Episode 34 - Special Guests Coach Katie and Coach Emily
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Highlights of the Episode
0:00 – What’s happening at Unity

2:11 – Getting to know Coach Katie and Coach Emily and how we all got started exercising

3:40 – How the coaches’ experiences help them relate to you

5:11 – Coach Emily’s biggest struggle with her health and fitness journey

7:48 – Experimentation, social media’s influence, and how fit pros are involved

9:30 – Coach Katie’s biggest struggle with her health and fitness journey

10:49 – How mindfulness plays an enormous role in the coaches’ lives

12:32 – PRIORITIZING your schedule based on your goals (Coach Emily’s keyword: “prioritizing”)

13:40 – How social media has progressed new diets and exercise ideas

15:11 – Coach Emily’s first shadowing experience and the best advice she received from that

15:58 – Being open to experimentation (and change) to find what works best for you

17:22 – PRO TIP: “It’s almost better to find out what DOESN’T WORK.” – Coach Katie

18:04 – Coach Katie’s current health and fitness journey in one word: CONSISTENCY

19:32 – How Coach Katie used the scale and other ways to measure success

22:19 – The influence Coach Emily’s blog post had at Unity Fitness and this episode

25:26 – Keep the main thing the main thing and trusting the process!

27:26 – PRO TIP: Progress is not achieved in a straight line - there will be setbacks

28:56 – Your goals should scare you a bit, and you may need to make time for it

29:27 – Be ready to make significant change by paying attention to your triggers

30:14 – Feeling so “triggered”

30:33 – Coach Jordan’s current health and fitness journey

31:25 – More on trusting the process for nutrition and exercise: “Knowing you’re going to write a program where we might not things happen for the next 4 weeks, but 12 weeks from now we’re going to be there.” – Coach Jordan

31:49 – Coach Katie’s final words and tips for achieving goals

32:07 – Coach Jordan’s first experience with health and fitness

33:11 – The struggles are real: coaches are humans too

34:55 – What’s next for the coaches and their health and fitness journeys

36:20 – The Triple B’s (BBB) of Summer (Beer, Brats, and Barbecue)

37:25 – Recap and keywords of today’s episode: consistency, community (support), trust, experimentation, and prioritizing
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