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Unity FitFam Success Stories
Fitfam Member, Patti
Fitfam Member, Pete
Fitfam Member, Ronda
Episode 37
How to Never Fall Off the Wagon or Yo-Yo Diet Ever Again
Episode 38
How Training for a Body Composition Goal is Like Playing a Sport
Episode 39
Q & A w/Coach Emily and Coach Jordan
Episode 34
Special Guests Coach Katie and Coach Emily
Episode 35
The Power and Influence of a Community Towards Your Health and Fitness
Episode 36
The Trap of Social Media on Fitness and More on the Power of Community
Episode 31
Paradigm Shifts – The 90-Day Body and Your Results
Episode 32
How To Turn Intimidating Goals Into Easy Action Steps For Lifelong Results!
Episode 33
CBD Oil - Everything You Need to Know
Episode 28
How NEAT May be Just the Thing You've Been Missing in Your Health and Fitness Journey
Episode 29
How To Eat Wisely When Out To Eat
Episode 30
The History and Evolution of Unity Fitness
Episode 25
Training and Exercising with an Injury
Episode 26
Longevity with Chris Borda of Y.E.S. Fitness
Episode 27
Why Can't You Lose Fat?
Episode 22
Where Will Fitness Take You?
Episode 23
Should You Warm-Up? What's In a Warm-Up?
Episode 24
Sick Often? What To Do About It and How to Exercise While Sick
Episode 19
Calorie Counting and Food Logging...To Do or Not To Do
Episode 20
How to Do the New Year Correctly With Your Health and Fitness
Episode 21
Recovery and Exercise
Episode 16
What to Eat BEFORE and AFTER a Workout for Better Results
Episode 17
Living the Unity Lifestyle with Fitfam Member, PJ
Episode 18
Episode 13
Nutrition Coaching: Accountability vs. Responsibility
Episode 14
Living the Unity Lifestyle with Fitfam Member, Patti
Episode 15
Why Training Programs are Better than Randomly Exercising
Episode 10
Living the Unity Lifestyle with Fitfam Member, Pete
Episode 11
The Best Fat Loss Diet for YOU
Episode 12
Take Care of Your Feet (Choosing Shoes, Core Training, and Self-care)
Episode 7
Going Over the Rotational Hip Hinge
Episode 8
5 Tips to Reduce Stress and Inflammation in the Body
Episode 9
Assessing Your Mindset Through Belief and Hope
Episode 4
The Top 5 Nutrition Habits You Need for Success
Episode 5
Living the Unity Lifestyle with Fitfam Member, Ronda
Episode 6 
Everything You Need to Know About Supplements
Episode 1
How to Properly Pick Stuff Up Off the Floor aka The J Lo
Episode 2
All Things Carbohydrates
Episode 3
An Easy Tip to Improve Your Squats
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9 Fun Ideas to Make Meal Prepping More Exciting
Core Training: Seeking True Balance In Life
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